Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Day I Was Lost(my oral assesment)

When i was only six years of age,my father took the whole family to visit Penang island one day. Penang Road was the street where most of the shop were situated at that time. My father parked his car at one end of the street,so that we could walkled a long the street to looked at the shop and many things that they sold. So,we window- shopped along the whole length of the street . Many wonderful things displayed in the shop caught my attention but i knew i colud only looked at them but never hope to own any of them. The reason was my father had only a small income and would never agree to buy any of the expensive things for us."We just see but we don't buy",my father warned us before we started our walked. I lingered many times at shops which sold things which i like to own very much such as sneakers,swiss armly knifes and remote control car. My father had to call me to rejoin the rest of the family many times or i would have been left behind . At one shop i was captivated by a toy gun on display that i did not hear my father calling me. Instead i was fully absorbedin the sales explanation of what the gun could do."This latest space gun is operated by two batteries and it has six firing patterns",the man told me. When i turned around to lookedmy family , they were not there! I searched frantically for them. For a fleeting moment,i caught sightof them on the other side of the street walking towards it's end. I wanted to call out of them but i did not want to attract the attention of the hundreds of other pedestrians there. Coming to a qucik decision, i ran across the street in an attemp to catch up with them. However, when i reached the opposite side of the street, i saw them turning into a road on their left. However,when i reached it there was no sign of them anywhere. Panic started to well up in me. I ran here and there but wherever i went and whichever direction i looked,there was no sign of my family. Finally , i have to admit to myself, that i was lost. My eyes filled with tears and i started to cry. Many passers-by looked at me wonderingly but did not stop to help. I began to feel that i had lost my family for all eternity. Then help came in the form of a young ,pretty girl. "Why are you crying ,liitle brother?" she asked me kindly in a very sweet voice. Between sobs, i told her," i'm looking for my family. can you please tell me where they are? Please help me"." They are some people there looking for a little boy," she informed me. You must be the one. Come i'll take you to your family. They are just around the corner. The girl offered me her hand. I instantly took it and held on tightly to it. I was afraid to left behind again. This made the girl smile. "Don't worry", she said reassuringly. " I'll take you to your family".She took the last places she had been seen my family searching for me and sure enough they were still frantically asking every passers-by whether they had seen me. I let go of my saviour's hand and ran to my father and hugged his legs tightly. My father wanted to give his appreciation to the girl who had brought about our reunion but she modestly left the scene. For the remaining part of the trip, i held my father's hand in a grip of iron. I did not want to left behind again.

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